Springtime by Sydney Tynan

April 14, 2019

So you have made the Hummingbird  syrup/nectar(1 cup sugar to 4 cups water boiled)? And filled the feeder to greet the weary travelers? Good for you!

I love this time of year as almost every morning something new has started to bloom.  Outside my south facing window I have a Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata) whose double row of white petals give it a frilly look . The first to bloom of the four types of Magnolias I’ve seen here. Next comes the yellow Magnolia acuminate closely followed by the pink tulip like Magnolia soulangeana. There are a few of the large leafed Magnolia grandiflora that we think of as southern. I have not seen them bloom and they have a bit of a hard time in our northern  winters. The very last to bloom, our only native and I bet you’ve never seen one , is Magnolia virginiana. This blooms in July or August and the air smells like Ponds Cold Cream. It does really well if it can have damp feet.

If you are making your plans for May please note that Sakonnet Garden is open this year the two days BEFORE Memorial Day, May 25 and 26 from 9-6. They suggest you come late in the day as it is less crowded. However do not overlook Memorial Day as the Blossom  and Sweets sale of local plants and home -made cookies and muffins  takes place next to  Wilburs. Sales  open at 7:30 and the local plants, known  to be hardy, just  fly  out.

My next letter will tell you of our  success  in  an alternative to  the dreaded  Round Up.   

April 20th, 2019

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