Named in tribute to the Little Compton’s first Indians and their location, the Sogkonate Garden Club was founded in 1975 when it became evident that Little Compton was large enough to support a second garden club.

The founding members’ vision was to establish the following goals: the study of gardening techniques; the protection and preservation of natural resources and bird wildlife; and the encouragement of public planting of flowers, shrubs and trees for the town beautification.  Their vision is still with us.

The Sogkonate Garden Club Medal

Prior to Little Compton’s incorporation, the early settlement was known by the Indian name “Sogkonate” or “place of the black goose.” Benjamin Church was the first white man to settle in Sogkonate.  Despite his reputation as an Indian fighter, he developed strong bonds of trust and understanding with the Indians of the area.  So strong indeed were the bonds that he was able to arrange a treaty with the Sogkonate Sachem, Awashonks, preventing her tribes from entering the King Philip’s War.  In doing so, he spared both settlers and Indians from becoming victims of the greatest blood bath of the era.

Archive of Memorials & Remembrances in Little Compton, RI, July 2017

The Sogkonate Garden Club has produced “An Archive of Memorials & Remembrances in Little Compton”. Over 148 individuals and 35 memorial sites are listed as well as the poem, “Our Town” written by Ian M. Walker, father of Coll Walker. The project started when someone suggested a tree be removed at Wilbur & McMahon School. Fortunately, another person remembered it was a memorial planting. Thus, the quest for information began. Researchers were Mary Marra, Carolyn Montgomery, Barbara Passmore, and Caroline Wordell, design assistant was Joyce Dunagan.
No project is completely accurate despite hours of research. There will be omissions and errors. For additions, corrections, or comments email the club at Sogkonate@Cox.net.
You can access the archive directly from these links:
Cover of Archive of Memorials & Remembrances
Archive of Memorials & Remembrances
Printed copies can also be obtained at the Brownell Library and Little Compton Town Hall at no charge.

Founding Members 1975-1976
Helene Brousseau
Charlene Brown
Rose Burns
Eva Graves
Janice Harvey
Betty Hathaway
Barbara Madden
Carolyn Montgomery
Mary Jane Peckham
Martha Thornton
Patricia Tracey

Charter Members 1976 (including the names above)
Jane Benson
Muriel Bodington
Lynne Borges
Jean Brady Cooney
Rena Rockwell
Miriam Burchard
Joan Burchard
M. Betty Chace
Margaret Chisholm
Matilda Crandon
Sheila Danneman
Catherine Francis
Anne Frechette
Margery Harrigan
Carolyn Halleck
Ruth Knutsen
Linda LaFlamme
Eunice Levene
Patricia McCarthy
Alison Reid
Clare Renasco
Joanne Ryan
Frieda Schaubhut
Ruth Strawbridge
Barbara Passmore
Hope Taylor
Nellie Watson
Virginia Withington
Caroline Wordell